Creativity coaching

For the past twenty plus years, I’ve helped artists, musicians, and novelists get unstuck and back onto their creative roads.

Some folks find their way to me frustrated at not being able to sustain their creative impulses. Others want to break through to a new level - reclaim joy and play from what’s become a rut or grind. Many have become increasingly paralyzed and filled with self reproach. Not surprisingly, being stuck in your head with thoughts of what a lousy job you're doing (or not doing!) does NOT help you become more creative.

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• Perfectionism
• Difficulty accepting the fits and starts of the creative process
• Life turmoil
• Comparing yourself to others
• Being overwhelmed by the scope of a project
• Performance anxiety
• Fear of failure
• Fear of making a fool of yourself
• Guilt about surpassing others
• Thinking you need to ban self doubt before beginning


• Gain distance from your own doubts and fears
• Tackle small tasks
• Paint/write/now - and edit/improve/sharpen later
• Break a project down into its component parts

The goal of coaching for creativity is to get you unstuck. You’ll learn to accept your doubts as natural, inevitable, and ultimately, besides the point. Excellence is a noble goal, but you won’t get there if you’re unable to budge until everything is perfect. Coaching will teach you to accept your first draft as a work in progress. You’ll be freed up to shape and reshape it as you go.

As a psychologist, artist, recovering procrastinator and intermittent perfectionist, I’m intimately aware of the myriad ways it’s possibly to get creatively derailed. I’ll use that understanding to help you get moving again. I’m a two time graduate of Nicholas Wilton’s CVP (Creative Visionary Program), and have conducted a Master Class in “Getting Unstuck” for his ART2LIFE ACADEMY.

Reach out for a free phone consultation. I’m located in the San Francisco Bay Area but can work remotely via Skype or Zoom. 415.225.3159

Excerpt of longer class on “Getting Unstuck” below: