mixed media Portraits

This body of work grew out of the #100 day project I completed in July 2019. All these images began life as 3 x 3 inch charcoal portraits on white post its.

Once the careful rendering was done, I blew the post its up to actual face size and used a photo transfer technique to superimpose them onto mixed media pieces full of markmaking, text and seemingly random chaos. The resulting work simultaneously reveals and conceals more about these women, and invites the viewer to look them directly in the eye, filling in yet another story. 

Big gratitude to the Sktchy app - where folks post selfies for artists to use as reference material. I’ve contacted the women who’s photos I’ve used as inspiration and attributed them below. Some of these images are from street photographs I’ve taken. All are 10 x 10 x 1.5 - mixed media on cradled wood panel.